Val Brown Writes!

(occasionally . . . still . . . every once in a while . . . well, you know how it is. . .)


About Val

Val wishes she could claim she's an international jewel thief with a fascinating adventurous life, but instead, she's a nurse who is still recovering from the onslaught of the Covid pandemic.

She was raised in a military family--one mom, one dad, one sister, one brother--and they moved around a lot during her childhood. She had to make friends fast and learn to let go to move on every year or so. In the process, she became fascinated by people and what made them tick. This has been useful in her writing life where she has written a variety of characters in a collection of short stories, in a romance, and in three books with co-writer MJ Walker.

Her first book with LPP will be a reissuance of her romance, In The Works. Meanwhile, she's working on a brand-new romance she hopes to finish in 2023.